Basic Electric Bass, Volume IV: Basic Jazz Patterns and Studies

By James Progris

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Basic Electric Bass, Volume IV consists of nearly 300 chord arpeggios, chord progressions, scale studies, and etudes based on the most commonly used patterns in all styles of modern popular music and jazz. Part I presents chord arpeggio studies built on every note in the scale, embracing all keys in succession. Each exercise begins with arpeggios covering one octave and proceeds to extended arpeggios spread over the entire playing range of the instrument. Part II consists of 13 of the most common chord progressions, in both major and minor keys. Part III includes eight original etudes built solely on chord tones, in which some of the arpeggio passages of Part I appear with the progressions from Part II, just as they would in actual performance music. Part IV deals with scale patterns derived from chords, and consists of 12 exercises each in three different versions. Part V presents eight additional original etudes, uniting both chord and scale tones in actual solo performance material, and Part VI encourages the student to write and perform his own original bass lines by presenting outlines of chord progressions with the chords indicated but the choice of individual tones left to the student.
Instrument Bass Guitar
Genre Jazz
Published November 2012
Composers James Progris
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Basic Electric Bass, Volume IV: Basic Jazz Patterns and Studies

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