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Please select which license you require

Creation of a new version of an existing title for non-commercial purposes.

Including an original composition or an arrangement in a commercial publication (folio, educational textbook, digital download etc.)

Use of lyrics or music in a publication (eg. Books, periodicals, and other printed media).

Photocopy / Copyright Waiver
Requests to make photocopies of compositions that are no longer in print or for gaining a copyright waiver to produce to the library that holds the requested music in order to make copies.

Web Posting & Downloads
Posting of copyrighted material on the Internet.

The following types of licences can only be granted for Alfred 'wholly owned titles':

An audio recording of a composition on a tape, CD, or Digital Download format.

A video recording of a composition on a video tape, DVD, or Digital Download format.

A broadcast of a recorded performance for Television, Film and Radio.

Public performance of copyrighted material.