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  1. Classic Guitar Technique, Volume 1 (Third Edition)

    Classic Guitar Technique, Volume 1 (Third Edition)

    By Aaron Shearer and Thomas Kikta



    Aaron Shearer's Classic Guitar Technique has long been the core method used by generations of classic guitarists. Alfred Music is proud to present the third edition, and first major revision, of Volume 1 of this benchmark work. Completely re-edited and updated in collaboration with Thomas Kikta (one of Aaron's former students and the head of Duquesne University's Classic Guitar Department), the third edition maintains the character and appeal of the original book while providing new critical insights into core techniques that had not been addressed in previous editions. Also, for the first time, companion online audio recordings are included with the book, providing demonstrations, play-along tracks, and duet opportunities to ensure students correctly emulate the tone and feel of the music. Learn More
  2. The Total Jazz Bassist

    The Total Jazz Bassist

    By David Overthrow and Tim Ferguson



    The Total Jazz Bassist is a complete jazz method, giving equal treatment to electric and double bass. Covering such styles as bebop, Latin, funk, and fusion, this book provides examples and lessons that will help you become a well-rounded bassist. You'll learn to develop walking bass lines, how to solo, bass lines and solo patterns for blues changes, major and minor two-five-one progressions, dominant 7th chord scales, and more! Online audio examples are also included. Learn More
  3. Alfred's MAX™ Bass

    Alfred's MAX™ Bass

    By L. C. Harnsberger and Ron Manus



    See, hear, and play every song and example with this truly extraordinary book & DVD set. A powerful method at an exceptional value! 48 pages. Learn More
  4. Scales & Modes for Bass

    Scales & Modes for Bass

    By Steve Hall and Ron Manus



    This book is a fast and fun way to learn how to use scales and modes. Learning scales and modes and being able to identify their sounds will give you a better command of the fretboard. Each chapter has two sections. The first section describes the scale or mode, lists the chords it works well with, musical styles it is most commonly used with and shows the intervals of the scale or mode. The second section shows the scales and modes, in most cases, in five different positions on the neck. Positions are shown in neck position, standard music notation and TAB. Learn More
  5. Guitar Works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, Vol. I

    Guitar Works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, Vol. I

    Agustín Barrios Mangoré / ed. Richard Stover



    A comprehensive publication of the works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, the first guitarist/composer from the New World of truly universal importance. These volumes are designed for the performer, student and teacher. Volume I has 21 pieces, including: El Sueño de la Munequita * Oracion por Todos * Danza Guarani. Learn More
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  7. Pumping Nylon: Complete (Second Edition)

    Pumping Nylon: Complete (Second Edition)

    By Scott Tennant



    Upon its first publication in 1995, Pumping Nylon became an instant classic and a must-have technique handbook for all classical guitarists---and many guitarists of other styles as well. This complete edition includes additional early intermediate through advanced repertoire. Scott Tennant's encouraging style, sense of humor, and unique approach to technical training helped Pumping Nylon gain countless devotees throughout the world. At the heart of Pumping Nylon is the famous Daily Warm-Up Routine, which includes 11 clever, helpful exercises to get both hands in shape and ready to play while also improving your technical skills. These invaluable technique lessons are supplemented by Giuliani's 120 Right-Hand Studies, Tarrega arpeggio studies, and music examples from Bach, Turina, and Rodrigo. In addition, original compositions by guitar luminaries Brian Head and Andrew York reinforce the material while also providing concert-worthy repertoire. This second edition of Pumping Nylon Complete incorporates even more great material with new pieces by Evan Hirschelman, Guiliani's Left Hand Studies, Op. 1, and new technical exercises in tremolo and balancing chord voicings. The music engravings have been improved for easier readability, and a brand-new correlating video, available to download or stream, has been included. If Pumping Nylon Complete is already in your library, it's time to upgrade to this second edition, which is even better than the original. If you are just now discovering Scott Tennant's masterpiece, this is a great opportunity to jump on board and start enjoying this classic. Your practice routine and technical prowess will improve, and you'll have fun as you learn. Complete Second Edition Features* All of the original complete edition content, including easy to advanced repertoire * Three new performance pieces * Giuliani's Left-Hand Studies, Op. 1 * New lessons and exercises * Improved music engravings * An updated, high-definition video to stream or download Learn More
  8. The Total Classical Guitarist

    The Total Classical Guitarist

    By Martha Masters



    The Total Classical Guitarist teaches the essentials of classical guitar from beginning levels to late intermediate. This exciting method features in-depth lessons on right- and left-hand technique, posture, ornaments and slurs, performance aesthetics, fingernail care, and much more. Intended for those with some experience playing guitar (not the absolute beginner), this book will appeal to traditional classical guitarists and teachers---as it features examples written in standard music notation only (no TAB). A CD demonstrating all of the examples in the book is included. Features: * Practical, easy-to-understand lessons in technique and posture * In-depth discussion of fingernails, including shape and maintenance * Comprehensive instruction on performing slurs and ornaments * Special techniques such as pizzicato, Bartók pizzicato, natural harmonics, artificial harmonics, tamboura, and tremolo * Musical considerations like dynamics, colors, articulations, rubato, and vibrato * Practicing strategies, including notes for crossover players and making the most of your practice time About the Author Martha Masters is an award-winning performer, recording artist, and educator. She received both her bachelor and master of music degrees from The Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, where she studied with Manuel Barrueco, and completed the doctor of musical arts degree at the University of Southern California as a student of Scott Tennant. Masters has won first prize in the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) International Solo Competition and the Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition in Linares, Spain. In addition to being a faculty member at Loyola Marymount University, Masters is also president of the Guitar Foundation of America and has released five recordings on the Naxos and GSP labels. Learn More
  9. Canon in D ("Pachelbel's Canon")

    Canon in D ("Pachelbel's Canon")

    By Johann Pachelbel / arr. Simon Salz



  10. The Complete Electric Bass Method: Beginning Electric Bass

    The Complete Electric Bass Method: Beginning Electric Bass

    By David Overthrow



    Take your bottom all the way to the top. Apply the tools and techniques of the world's greatest players towards creating your own spectacular bass lines. Starts with a review of the basics then dives into building bass lines using scales, modes and chord progressions, concluding with advanced concepts like rhythm changes, tritone substitutions, and improvisation techniques. 96 pages each. Learn More

Items 41 to 50 of 306 total

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