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  1. Brasil Acustico (Bk/CD)
  2. Billy Sheehan: Basic Bass

    Billy Sheehan: Basic Bass

    By Billy Sheehan



    Join legendary artist Billy Sheehan as he reveals the techniques and secrets behind his success as one of the most respected players of all time. Now you can learn to play bass from one of the true masters. 32 pages. Learn More
  3. Dave La Rue: On the Record

    Dave La Rue: On the Record

    Transcr. and ed. Dave LaRue and Tim Brown



    On the Record includes ten tunes hand-picked and edited by Dave LaRue to incorporate a variety of techniques and styles and some that, when played in context with a full track, will illustrate how important a well-composed, melodic bass line can be. Titles are: Sleaze Factor * Collateral Damage * Vista Grande * Kat Food * Juanita * Runaway Train * Brave New World * Slice of Time * Calcutta * Hub City Kids (excerpt). Learn More
  4. Essential Scales for Electric Bass

    Essential Scales for Electric Bass

    By Max Palermo



    Scales are one of the foundations of good playing and Essential Scales for Electric Bass is a quick and simple guide for music students of all levels, specifically tackling this important topic. It is designed to help the bass player acquaint himself with using the scales as tools to expand his musical dimension. The book will help any bassist compose riffs and bass lines, enriching the sounds with new and diverse nuances to achieve personal objectives. Learn More
  5. Pumping Nylon: In TAB

    Pumping Nylon: In TAB



    Der „Bodybuildingkurs“ für Gitarristen! Scott Tennants Bestseller enthält Technikübungen & Warm-Ups satt zur Ausbildung von Kraft, Kondition und Virtuosität für die linke und rechte Hand. Weitere Tipps zu Fingerunabhängigkeit, Bewegungsabläufen, Arpeggien, Flamenco, Tremolo und Saitenwechsel in Standardnotation & Tabulatur. Mit Extrakapitel zu Nagelspiel und -pflege. Ein absolutes Muss fu?r jeden Klassik-Gitarristen! Learn More
  6. Suzuki Guitar School Guitar Part, Volume 1 (Revised)

    Suzuki Guitar School Guitar Part, Volume 1 (Revised)

    Performed by Seth Himmelhoch, Andrew LaFreniere, and Louis Brown



    Titles: Principles of Study and Guidance * Basic Technique * Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Variations and Theme (Shinichi Suzuki) * Lightly Row (Folk Song) * Go Tell Aunt Rhody (Folk Song) * Song of the Wind (Folk Song) * May Song (Folk Song) * Allegretto (M. Giuliani) * Perpetual Motion (Shinichi Suzuki) * Rigadoon (H. Purcell) * Are You Sleeping, Brother John? (Folk Song) * French Folk Song (Folk Song) * Tanz (J. Führman) * Tanz (J. C. Bach) * With Steady Hands (F. Longay) * Meadow Minuet (F. Longay). Performed by Himmelhoch, Lafreniere, and Brown. Learn More
  7. Guitar First Steps: Melody

    Guitar First Steps: Melody

    By Lou Manzi



    This beginning level DVD/book package teaches you to play single-note melodies using all six strings of your guitar. The skills in this course apply to both acoustic and electric guitarists in all musical styles. Whether you are into folk, blues or rock 'n' roll, learning to read and play melodies is not only very useful, but fun as well. You'll learn notes on all six strings, the definition of "pitch" and how it's notated, how to read standard music notation and tablature (TAB), the measures, bar lines and time signatures used to organize musical beats, whole-note, half-note and quarter-note rhythms and rests, the proper technique for playing single-note melodies, and much, much more! Learn More
  8. Guitar Works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, Vol. III

    Guitar Works of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, Vol. III

    By Agustín Barrios Mangoré / ed. Richard Stover



    Twenty-one pieces, including: Una Limosna por el Amor de Dios (Gran Tremolo) * Julia Florida - Barcarola * Vals, Op. 8, No. 4 * Choro da Saudade. Learn More
  9. Green Day: Bass Anthology

    Green Day: Bass Anthology

    Green Day



    Twenty of Green Day's greatest hits, fully transcribed for bass guitar. Titles are: American Idiot * Basket Case * Boulevard of Broken Dreams * Brain Stew * Espionage * Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) * Hitchin' a Ride * Holiday * Jaded * Longview * Macy's Day Parade * Minority * Nice Guys Finish Last * Stuck with Me * Waiting * Wake Me Up When September Ends * Walking Contradiction * Warning * Welcome to Paradise * When I Come Around. Learn More
  10. Rush: Clockwork Angels

    Rush: Clockwork Angels




    Rush's 19th studio album features all the classic elements that have endeared the band to several generations of fans and made them the most successful progressive rock group of all time! The book contains all the songs faithfully transcribed in authentic bass TAB, beautiful full-color artwork, and a complete lyrics section. Titles: Caravan * BU2B * Clockwork Angels * The Anarchist * Carnies * Halo Effect * Seven Cities of Gold * The Wreckers * Headlong Flight * BU2B2 * Wish Them Well * The Garden. Learn More

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