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  1. Military Drum Beats

    Military Drum Beats

    By George Lawrence Stone



    George Lawrence Stone was one of the founders of NARD, the National Association of Rudimental Drummers, and this thorough and compact reference book begins with the original 26 Essential Rudiments of Drumming. These are followed by 36 passages and pieces based on the rudiments, all useful for the drum corps teacher and/or player. Military Drum Beats is the perfect introduction to corps rhythms. Learn More
  2. Portraits for Drum Set

    Portraits for Drum Set

    By Anthony J. Cirone



    Twelve etudes from the world-renowned book Portraits in Rhythm have been arranged and transcribed from the original snare drum etudes with a specific concept in mind for drumset. Each etude includes performance notes and transcriptions and is recorded on the accompanying CD. Those who are familiar with the Portraits series will find these solos challenging yet rewarding, perfect for recitals, auditions, and juries. Learn More
  3. The Drummer's Play-Along

    The Drummer's Play-Along

    By Cristiano Micalizzi



    This book will help drummers gain a deeper knowledge of drum-chart reading and interpretation through the performance of 40 songs in a variety of styles (Afro-Cuban, Rock, Jazz, Brazilian, Reggae, and more). Each style starts with simple drum charts, and gradually builds to more complex and demanding compositions. The accompanying CD contains all the songs included in the book allowing the drummer to play along with the tracks while following the related drum charts. Learn More
  4. I've Got You Under My Skins

    I've Got You Under My Skins

    By Irv Cottler



    A unique publication that features the original drum charts for all of the popular Frank Sinatra tunes on the recording. Alfred has reprinted the charts as a book and added performance hints and in-studio photos. An ideal book for the drummer to follow the actual drum parts used on the recording, or for singers who wish to sing along (minus Frank). Learn More
  5. Alfred's Rudimental Contest Solos

    Alfred's Rudimental Contest Solos

    By Jay Wanamaker



    Focuses on the musical aspects of etudes, with sticking, dynamics and accents indicated throughout to enhance the musicality of each piece. Perfect for the intermediate snare drummer, this book includes rudimental cadences, funk style, theme and variations and Spanish style, while making use of the different tonal areas of the drum. Learn More
  6. Drum Lessons with George Lawrence Stone

    Drum Lessons with George Lawrence Stone

    By Barry James with Joe Morello



    Based on the author's recollections of their studies and conversations with George Lawrence Stone, this companion book to Stick Control contains a series of lessons and lectures on the art and technique of drumming as originally developed and taught by George Lawrence Stone. Learn More
  7. Al Miller's 1,000 Solos for the Drum Set, Volume 1

    Al Miller's 1,000 Solos for the Drum Set, Volume 1

    By Al Miller / video demos by Matt Miller / audio demos by Terry Branam



    This is a new version of the classic book, Al Miller's 1,000 Solos for the Drum Set, Vol. 1, from legendary drum teacher Al Miller. The book contains triplet variations to be practiced as fills around the drums as well as with limb independence in a jazz style (snare drum, bass drum, and combined). Each of the 10 routines are demonstrated in video files by Matt Miller, who has restored his father's books series. Terry Branam provides audio tracks that also demonstrate various examples from the book. Learn More
  8. Arrival: Drum Play-Along

    Arrival: Drum Play-Along

    By Joe Bergamini with Dom Famularo



    Drummer/educator Joe Bergamini presents 10 exciting tracks with his Arrival: Drum Play-Along. Known for his playing in progressive rock circles, Joe provides creative groove and fill ideas for these songs, which appeared on his critically acclaimed 1996 album Arrival. The album began as an idea from co-author Dom Famularo, which led Joe to recruit 4Front guitarist Zak Rizvi to create these songs, which range from rock to reggae, ballads to double bass, funk to 12/8, and more. Beginner to advanced-level players will find lots of exciting material to sink their teeth into. These songs have been specifically designed with performances, clinics, and recitals in mind. In addition to the charts, grooves, and fills, the included MP3 disc also contains each song with drums, minus drums with click, and minus drums with no click. Using these tracks, you can simulate a recording studio environment by playing along with the click, or use the versions without click in performances and recitals. Learn More
  9. Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along for Drumset/Percussion

    Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along for Drumset/Percussion

    By Joe McCarthy



    The Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along book and audio gives the drummer/percussionist an opportunity to play contemporary Afro-Cuban music in a big band setting. The book and audio includes six charts from the Grammy® Award-winning Caribbean Jazz Project album, Afro-Bop Alliance (featuring Dave Samuels). The tracks, minus the drum/percussion parts, will give the player an opportunity to solo and experiment with a variety of groove and/or style variations. Learn More
  10. Alfred's Complete Snare Drum Solos

    Alfred's Complete Snare Drum Solos

    By Dave Black and Sandy Feldstein (Corps-Style Solos by Jay Wanamaker)



    Alfred's Complete Snare Drum Solos features all of the solo material contained in books 1 and 2 of Alfred's Drum Method in a clear, concise, convenient format. Perfect for juries, recitals, or contests, this book is a welcome addition to the drum student's arsenal. A Federation Festivals 2020-2024 selection. Learn More

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